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Tom Press 12 Electric Meat Grinder by Reber

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Tom Press electric meat grinder n ° 12 by Reber, 500 Watts, 60 to 100 Kg / hour.
Suitable for passing the equivalent of a whole pork. Tom Press is approved by France and Benelux by Reber.

Reference : hac12tom
Tom Press electric food grinder 12 by Reber with a power of 500 watts.  

This chopper number 12 was developed by Reber according to the quality requirements of Tom Press.  

To compare to the Reber mincer No. 12 ref. 9501N, this chopper has:
- a reinforced casing, beefier, with a larger oil bath, quieter. The crankcase operates without the red / black vent plugs, which prevents oil loss and handling during transport or storage.
- a thicker base with ventilation holes for the motor, longer and with large non-slip pads, which makes the chopper more stable, vibration free and quieter.  

The chopping body and worm are double-tinned cast iron hot, robust and suitable for food contact.
Metal gears on self-lubricating bushings.
Pro reducer in oil bath, more flexible to use, more solid and quieter.
Continuous duty asynchronous motor. The engine will slow down on the harder pieces to better chop them but will not crash.
Large stainless steel tray hopper to have large quantities of meat to chop and work with perfect hygiene.
Delivered with :
- a self-sharpening steel knife,
- 6 mm hardened steel grill for pâtés, minced meat, chopped steaks. The grid is 68 mm in diameter and is pierced with 6 mm holes,
- a pusher plastic pusher,
- a set of 2 funnels for stuffing.  

The asynchronous motor can slow down during the passage of harder pieces without stalling or stopping and thus prevents overheating of the engine.
The metal gears guarantee the robustness of the gearbox to transmit the full power of the motor.  

Average yield of 60 to 100 kg / hour.
Suitable for making a pig in the year or chopping the meat of a half-beef.
For more frequent use or to pass without stalling hard and tendon-like pieces such as pork throat, use a chopper # 22 with reverse and greater capacity.  

Tom Press is approved by France and Benelux by Reber.  

Optional accessories available:
- grilles of all sizes in steel or stainless steel.
- spare blades made of steel or stainless steel.
- Centering ring for the use of funnels without the chopper grill for stuffing.
- tomato press option.
- die dough machine option.
- rasp option for dry cheeses.
- Engine support table (replaces the painted steel support provided).
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Guarantee: 36 months
Power (W) 500
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Rotation (Revs/min) 120
Main material tin-plated cast iron
Other material stainless steel
Yield (Kg/h) 80

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