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Pitted salmon and ham knife

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Knife for ham or salmon with a pitted stainless steel blade measuring 30 cm

Reference : cousau30
Salmon knife with a pitted 30 cm stainless steel blade.
The straight blade has a rounded tip to avoid poking holes in the salmon.
The air holes in the blade prevent the flesh from sticking to the blade, and you can easily make thin slices with fear of the meat sticking to the knife.
Also very convenient for slicing ham (large thin slices) to make ""chiffonades"".
Ergonomic polypropylene handle.
Stainless steel AISI-420M blade.
Length of the blade: 30 cm.
Width of the blade: 2.5 cm
Made in Italy.
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Guarantee: 12 months
Main material stainless steel
Other material polypropylene
Length 43 cm
Width 2,5 cm
Net weight 135 g

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