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25m² Professional dehydrator

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Professional food dehydrator - large model - in stainless steel with 72 trays, 25 m² (269 sq. feet), 3.4 kW.

Reference : secmas72
Modular professional stainless steel professional dehydrator - large model - with 72 trays.
This stainless steel drying cabinet has 72 trays measuring 70x50 cm spread through 4 compartments, making a total surface of25 m² (269 sq. feet).
Fan measuring 45 cm (17.7"") in diameter.
Heating power of 3,400 W.
The temperature can be regulated electronically with the control panel up to 65°C.
The expulsion of the damp air is regulated with a blind.
The curves of this food dehydration cabinet have been designed to optimise air circulation and obtain perfect dehydration for your fruit.
This large model of pro dryer has the advantage of being as compact as the 40 tray model, but it is taller to offer you additional capacity of 32 trays (11 m² or 118 sq. feet).

The structure of this pro dryer is modular and it can be doubled using a module containing 72 additional trays, available as an option.
Three-phase wiring is possible (to be specified when ordering).

Power consumption is estimated at 1 kWh per litre of evaporated water, the equivalent of 10 to 15 cents per kg of fresh dried fruit.
Making dried fruit is a good way to conserve excess production or to enhance the presentation of your fruit.
Yield of 70 to 100 kg of transformed fruit per day.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Power (W) 5 200
Voltage (V) 220
Frequency (Hz) 50
Main material stainless steel
Colour stainless steel
Width 192 cm
Depth 82 cm
Height 175 cm
Net weight 250 kg

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