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Wood bread bin - cherry wood appearance

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Varnished wooden bread bin with cherrywood appearance on legs with a drawer for removing crumbs. Made in France.

Reference : mathuchm
This traditional bread bin in solid white wood has a cherry wood appearance. You can store your bread without it getting soft.
Using a traditional bread bin means that the dehydration process slows down without altering the nature of the bread.
During baking, the water and starch molecules are connected, but as soon as cooling begins, the starch tries to evacuate the water to crystallise and link its molecules: the bread gets hard.
Using a bread bin, you limit the water evaporation through the crust without shutting it up completely, so that your bread will stay fresh for longer without going soft.
Solid white varnished wood.
Swivel lid and lower drawer for removing crumbs.
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Guarantee: 24 months
Main material pine
Colour cherry wood
Fabriqué en France
Length 30 cm
Width 21 cm
Height 87 cm
Net weight 8,5 kg

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