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Raxe radish seeds

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Raxe radish seeds, a radish for any month that is crunchy with a slightly peppery taste. Slow to hollow. Packet weighing 4 g.

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Raxe radish seeds.
The Raxe radish is round and red and suitable for any time. it is crunchy, with a slightly peppery taste. Slow to hollow.

Sow: March-April-May-June-July-August.

Harvest: April-May-June-July-August-September.

Sowing advice: sow directly, in lines with 20 cm spacing or by scattering into cool, loosened soil that is rich in humus.

Growing advice: thin out when the first leaves in the row measure 1 cm.

Harvesting advice: pick the radishes after 3 or 4 weeks as required, but do not wait too long as they turn hollow easily. Eat soon after picking.

Advice: do not neglect to weed and hoe. Water frequently.

Packet weighing 4 grammes (around 480 seeds).
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Net weight 4 g

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